Our Search Process

Initial Consultation: The goal of an initial consultation is to develop a thorough understanding and definition of the assignment and the best strategy for the search. We conduct meetings with key individuals designated by our client to develop an understanding of the company, the hiring authority, the position requirements and qualifications, and the goals and expectations of the individual hired for the position.

Position Development: Focus will use the information and insights gained in the initial consultations and the positions description to prepare a success profile. The success profile summarizes our understanding of the responsibilities, objectives, qualifications, preferences and interpersonal characteristics required. The success profile serves as a guide for Focus in evaluating prospective candidates.

Search Strategy & Candidate Identification: Focus will identify companies within targeted sectors on a local, regional national and international basis in order to identify potential candidates who meet our preferred experience criteria. Our research capabilities are extensive and unmatched in the food industry. We employ all techniques and resources to create a comprehensive list of potential candidates and referral sources.

Recruitment: We contact individuals on our target list to recruit directly and gather referrals. As the process evolves to expressions of interest, we provide client information and have more in depth conversations. Candidates that appear to have the desired personal characteristics are targeted for further assessment as it relates to the positions technical requirements.

Candidate Evaluation: We review past work history to determine the how and why of past successes while employing outcome based and “stress” interviewing techniques. This is done through direct questioning and conversations with previous business contacts of the potential candidate. Candidates are then reviewed and ranked for competency, cultural fit and for submittal consideration.

Submittal of Candidates: On average Focus submits 3 targeted resumes within 17 days of the search engagement. The submittal will include the candidates resume, leadership style profile and our personal assessment of the candidate. We provide feedback to both our client and candidates during the interview process to ensure questions and concerns are identified and addressed.

Referencing & Background Evaluation: Once mutual interest is established between our client and a candidate, a formal detailed reference and background check is completed.

Structuring & Closing the Offer: Once a final candidate has been selected, we serve as the intermediary between the client and candidate to ensure a successful hire. We provide our client with recommendations on compensation structuring, offer presentation, negotiation strategies and on boarding. The selected candidate is coached on potential resignation and counter offer issues.

Follow Up: Our success is dictated by the success of our clients and the leaders we place in their organizations. We structure formal after the hire follow up with the client and remain in contact with the individual. Our goal is to add value when ever and how ever we can.

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